OceanBella Frozen Fish Fillets are frozen using Cryogenic fast freezing technology with liquid nitrogen. By flash freezing the fillets shortly after processed, we are able to lock in the “just caught” flavour and natural fish moisture and nutrients.

Farmed in salt water, our fish are all-natural and mecury-free. They contain no cholesterol, no trans-fat and have no earthy taste.

In each of our OceanBella Frozen Fish Fillets bag, there are two individual vacuum-packed cryo-frozen fish fillets. They come in three varieties – Barramundi, Red Snapper and Pearl Grouper.

Barramundi. Our “Fresh-From-The-Sea” Barramundi has a firm, moist, white pinkish flesh with a buttery flavour and succulent texture. They are versatile and best served pan seared, steamed, fried or baked. These Barramundi are a cook’s dream!

Red Snapper. Our “Hearty-Healthy” Red Snapper has a moist, white-flesh with a firm texture and mild sweet flavour. They can be served broiled, baked, steamed, fired or grilled. Do taste their difference…

Pearl Grouper. Our “Superior Quality” Pearl Grouper has a sweet, firm yet flaky snow-white lean flesh with a collagen-rich skin. They are excellent for steaming and even hold up well on the grill.