Made to suit the modern-day, ever busy consumers, OceanBella Ready-to-Cook Frozen Fish Fillet with Chef’s Signature Sauce serve to fulfil an unmet need for great tasting seafood with the nutritional benefits of fish yet without the hassle of preparation and a long list of ingredients.

Come with a ready-made sauce, the cryogenically frozen fish fillet packs savour the restaurant-style cuisine in the comfort and convenience of your own home and at the same time, let you be your own creative chef to unleash and impress your loved ones with the boundless style of garnishing!

Our OceanBella Ready-to-Cook fish fillet with sauce contain Omega-3, they are cholesterol free with no earthy taste; no preservatives and no artificial colouring added. Currently available in four flavours: Barramundi Fillet with Thai Sweet Chili sauce, Barramundi Fillet with Tomato Chili Crab Sauce, Barramundi Fillet with Dill Lemon Butter Sauce and the premium Grouper Fillet with Steam Fish Sauce.