CELLMORE GROUP is a Singapore-based fishery group whose main business involves rearing, value adding and marketing of seafood.


The Group has spent the last few years developing its vertically integrated business offerings which encompasses all aspects of the supply and value chain, incorporating every process from ‘Hatch to Dispatch'.

Committed to provide the highest quality products to our customers, the group is working towards Fish Quality Certification (FQC) encouraged by the Malaysian Fisheries as well as adopting the GMP, HACCP and the FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System in our production process. In addition, our products are also HALAL certified.

CELLMORE (M) SDN BHD is the aquaculture arm of the Cellmore Group.


Located in Kong Kong Masai, our farm adopt a farming method that is green and kind to our environment, all the fishes reared are without injections and vaccinations. Our production model addresses food safety, traceability and all other concerns required of modern day aquaculture - providing a sustainable production solution for both the domestic and export markets.

Currently, we are working towards Fish Quality Certification (FQC) issued by the Department of Fisheries Malaysia to ensure our fish meet the local and international EU standards and overall quality requirements.

These are the fishes that we specially select and grow responsibly. Click on the images below to learn more.

CELLMORE FOODS SDN BHD is the downstream business unit of the Cellmore Group.


Adopting the GMP, HACCP, FSSC 22000 as well as Halal standards in food production, Cellmore's value added processing (VAP) objective is to deliver food products with highest nutritional quality to meet the modern day, ever-busy customers' requirements and expectations.


Our Commitment to Food Safety with GMP,HACCP & FSSC 22000 as well as HALAL Certification
Cellmore (S) Pte Ltd is the marketing and distribution division of the Cellmore Group.


Supported by our own aquaculture farms and food processing factory, Cellmore is able to bring fish of the highest quality to our customers. Understanding their wish to eat healthily while constantly seeking delicious meals that are easy to prepare, Cellmore has a range of fish products that suits not just the modern-day, ever busy consumers but everyone in the family as well

Our products range from live, fresh-chilled and cryogenically vacuumed-packed scaled-off, gilled and gutted frozen fish and fillets to "ready-to-cook" convenience food packs.

Our flagship brand is OceanBella.

CELLMORE understands customers’ wish to eat healthily while constantly seeking delicious meals that are easy to prepare.

Made to suit the modern-day, ever busy consumers, our OceanBella Ready-to-Cook products serve to fulfil an unmet need for great tasting seafood with the nutritional benefits of fish yet without the hassle of long preparation time and a huge list of ingredients.

SuperFrozen - Fresher than Fresh !

To ensure top quality freshness and lock in the "just caught" flavour and natural fish moisture, all of OceanBella's frozen products are freezed using Cryogenic freezing technology with liquid nitrogen. Due to its extremely cold temperature, liquid nitrogen can enable the seafood to freeze within minutes instead of hours traditionally required with other systems.

Do click on the photos to learn more about our exciting Ready-to-Cook products.


For more information on our product and services, please contact: angel@cellmore.biz